Since refugees are coming to the United States with little or no English and education, they have many needs. We help them with these needs through our programs and through general acculturation. Our biggest goal with acculturation is to help refugees learn how to become successful in the United States. This can sometimes look like teaching them English through our classes, or sometimes look like helping them find the grocery store. We work with families in many different ways which can include: helping fill out job applications, helping register children for school, finding medical and dental care, helping find an apartment, helping read important documents and mail, and helping make sure that refugee families do not get taken advantage of.

We take for granted many of the things that are easy for us to do, simply because we grew up here in the United States. Refugees do not always have these advantages, so we help give them the skills they need to succeed! Thank you to all of the volunteers who help us in this process.

2015-2016 Seminars

9/14/15: School Systems
9/21/15: Budgeting
9/28/15: Resumes
10/5/15: Art
10/19-11/9/15: Fitness
11/16/15: Tax Prep
11/30/15 Resumes w/ Computers
12/7/15: Holiday Wreath Making
12/14/15: Financial literacy
1/25/16: Fire safety
2/1/16: Cake decorating
2/8/16: Financial traps
2/22/16: Car Maintenance
2/29/16: Voting Process
3/14/16: Child Development (Ages 0-5)
3/21/16: Nutrition


Past Seminars

Home Loan and Budgeting
State Testing
School Systems
Medicaid/Food Stamps
Drivers License
Arm Knitting
High Blood Pressure
Diabetes and Health
Art Therapy
Button Sewing
First Aid
Electric Companies