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The gospel of Jesus Christ is a crucial part of everything we do. It is our ultimate hope and the hope for the nations.

We provide long-term education for the whole family, from daily adult ESL classes to after-school tutoring.

Helping families adjust to life in the US and connecting them with key resources is foundational to our ministry.

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Part 3 of Maryam's Story...MARYAM’S STORY - Part 3

When I was 20 years old, my son was 5 years old, my daughter was 6 months old. One day I went to my friend’s house and she asked, “Why are you every day so sad?” I said, “I’m not so sad!” But I was very sad! I didn’t want to say to her, “My life is no good! My husband is no good!” 

A few hours later, I went home and I see my husband turn on the TV. He sees somebody talking about Jesus and he’s watching. I said, “What is this??” He said, “I’m watching some movie. They’re talking about Isa. You know Isa? (Isa is the Arabic word for Jesus.) They’re talking about Isa.” Now, I’m not understanding this! I think, “Is he crazy?” Then down there on the screen was a number, a number for some big pastor. Rezah says, “I want to call to this guy. I want to speak to him about Isa. He is good at talking, good at speaking. He says Jesus changes everything, Jesus will change your life. Some people are sick and then Isa changed their life. I don’t know. I want to talk to this guy and say, ‘Who’s this Isa? Who is this Jesus?’” 

Then Rezah, he called this guy and the guy was living in America. His name is Marco. He is from Iran! My husband called this guy and the man said, “Yes, I’m a Christian! I want to pray for you. You want to come to Christian? It is good! It is better than everything. It is better than Muslim. It is better than someone who prays to different gods. It will change your life!” My husband said, “I am not sure, I will call back tomorrow.” 

Then Rezah called back again! The pastor guy, he answered and Rezah saaid, “Please pray for me!” The guy said to close your hands like this and then he would start to pray. My husband, he sat down like this and the guy began to pray for my husband. Rezah’s face was very red, and then he started shaking like this. Shaking so much! I said, “Oh my God, what is happening to my husband?” I said, Are you okay, are you okay?” He said, “Come sit here beside me.” 

to be continued...
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Part 3 of Maryams Story...

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Part two of Maryam's story...MARYAM’S STORY - 2/6

I never knew my husband’s family before we got married because they lived 2 hours away. When I got married I went to my husband’s house and every day I cry, and I cry. My husband’s language is different! My husband’s family is speaking Farsi, and my family, we are speaking Pashto. I don’t know my husband’s language! Every day they tell me, “Maryam, do this, do this…” and I say, “What did they say?” I cannot understand! I don’t know." I am too sad, I am too small. I go outside to play with the kids but I don’t even know what they say.

Rezah said, “I like you but you’re too small. Your father lied to me. He said, ‘My daughter is 15 years old.’ But when I see you, you’re like a little baby!” Sometimes my husband would hug me and kiss me and I would say, “Don’t do that! It’s not good! I am a little girl! I don’t know you!” He’d say, “I’m your husband!” I’d say, “I don’t know you!”

I was ten years old when I left Afghanistan and I never went back. I have not seen my home in more than twenty years. Or my mother.

We moved to Iran with his family. I was getting older but my husband had a different girlfriend every day. He would bring them to my house and I wasn’t supposed to tell people. And I said, “Oh my. I know this is my husband! Why is he not with me? Every day he has a different girl. I don’t like that.” I ask my husband, “Why do you say every day you love me, you’re my husband, but you have many different girls?” My husband said, “Your dad lied to me. So that’s why I don’t like your dad. And I don’t like you." I cry and say, “That’s not my fault. That’s my dad’s fault!”

Rezah beat me. He talked mean to me. But my family was not in Iran; I’m just by myself. Alone. I just cry, and pray, “God, please!” I was Muslim, you know. I prayed five times every day. I’d say, “God, are you hearing me? Please, change my husband! Are you God?” But he never changed my husband.

“I said to my dad, “Why did you choose this husband for me? He is no good! Before, I was just a little girl! I knew nothing. Now I understand everything.” My dad was happy with his wife, his life, but my life was terrible. It was like this for many years.

to be continued...
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Part two of Maryams story...

Don't miss Maryam's powerful story of her life as a young girl in Afghanistan.

#ftnro #nftn #neighbors #friends #refugees #WhoIsMyNeighbor #Afghanistan* MARYAM’S STORY - Part 1

I was 9 years old when I got married.

My dad, he was a big farmer. We lived in a village with our big family. My dad was happy because he chose for me my husband. But my mom, she was sad. My mom was nine years old when she got married. She missed her mom, too. Everyday she would cry. She said, “My daughter is too small! She’s not ready to marry.” But my dad said, “No, she is ready! She is 9 years old! It’s good.”

My dad loved my husband’s sister, my sister in law. That is why they traded. They gave me to my husband and he got my husband’s sister. That was the exchange. My father had two wives. One is my mom, the other is my sister-in-law. They’re living together in one house, even still.

He traded me for a wife. Yeah, it hurts. Afghanistan girls’ life is like this. It’s crazy. It’s too sad. Too sad. Yeah, I was too little. That’s why sometimes I call my dad and I say, “You don’t like me. I was a little girl. At this time I need school. At this time I need play, to play with my friends. But you traded me for a girl to marry.”

When my husband, Rezah, came to my house he saw my mom and he was so happy! He said, “Oh my, my wife is so beautiful!” And my dad said, “No, that’s MY wife. That is your wife’s mom, your mother-in-law!” Rezah said, “So where’s my wife?” My dad called me and said, “Maryam, come here! Come here to daddy!”

I’m a little girl! I come to him, say, “Hi daddy!” He said, “Do you know this guy?” I said, “No, I have never seen this guy.” He said, “This guy is your husband.” I said, “What do you mean, ‘husband?’” Because I am small. Because I don’t know ‘husband’. What does that mean? I said, “Okay, okay!” But then my mom…she’s looking at me and then she cried.

My husband said, “Oh my goodness, why did you lie to me? Why? You said she was 15 years old but she’s just a little girl! She’s not 15 years old. She may be 8 years old, maybe 9 years old! You’re a liar!” Then my dad said, “Yeah, I know. I’m so sorry. I lied because I love your sister. When I say to you, my daughter is 9 years old, maybe you say, I don’t need this.”

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Dont miss Maryams powerful story of her life as a young girl in Afghanistan.

#ftnro #nftn #neighbors #friends #refugees #whoismyneighbor #afghanistan

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