Refugee families need lots of support when they arrive in the USA, and it is a blessing to help with practical needs. However, we believe that the most important element of our ministry is sharing the hope we have in Christ. If we fail to do this, then ultimately we have missed the most important message. For the Nations incorporates the Hope of Jesus into everything we do. We share this Good News openly and lovingly with refugees not once, but everyday, through Bible time at our many programs & classes. Families we serve are from over 20 countries and speak over 50 languages. Refugees from some of the least reached parts of Asia, Africa, the Middle East are coming to our neighborhood searching for hope and a new life. God has given us the opportunity to become a more diverse community, serving our newest neighbors with practical help, while also growing together as a family in Christ.  We believe that kind, consistent repetition of the gospel in both word and deed is what God has called us to for His glory. And we trust in God’s promise, that He will continue to call people faithfully to Himself: from every tribe, tongue, and nation. His message is not just for a few, but for the nations.