The mission of the Family Services Department is to strengthen refugee families by incarnating the compassion of Christ through life skills training, emotional and spiritual support, and by connecting them to the local community. The Family Services Department is divided into four programs in order to accomplish our mission.


Welcome Teams

Welcome Teams are groups of 10-15 volunteers that are assigned to a new refugee family. A welcome team greets the family at the airport upon arrival, sets up their new apartment, and helps them through their first month in the U.S. Sometimes, teams are able to form a relationship with the new family that extends beyond an initial four-week commitment.


Employment Services

The Employment Services program functions as a free job referral service to local businesses and corporations with which For the Nations has connections. Thousands of refugees arrive in Dallas each year, authorized to work and pre-screened to match skills and previous work experience to available jobs. For the Nations is dedicated to connecting refugees to these job opportunities.    


Trauma Healing Groups

Developed through the American Bible Society, trauma healing groups combine mental health principles with truths of the gospel to help participants understand suffering inside the story of Scripture; learn about trauma (wounds of the heart) and its effects; learn how to listen to others; explore any wounds of the heart one may have; and how to bring that pain to the cross in small groups of 3 to 15 men and women. Utilizing adult-learning methods, 5 core lessons begin with a story that lead to group discussion, skits, practices, and activities that begin the healing process through bringing our pain to the cross.


Life Skills Assistance

Our Family Services team helps refugees lead more independent lives in the U.S. This can mean helping them find the grocery store, connecting them with medical and dental care, sorting through important documents and mail, and advocating for them when their voice is not being heard.