Mission Trips

We offer week-long mission trips throughout the year for groups of adults, college students, or high school students. This is an excellent opportunity to see the ministry first-hand and be part of the daily programs we offer refugee families.

Team Size 15-25 people
Trip Duration 1 week, usually Sunday-Saturday
Cost $150-300 per person, depending on the season. Lodging is provided for all trips; lunches are included for summer trips only.

Available 2024 dates and teams accepted:


College or
Adult Teams
Fall: Sept. 5 – Dec. 7
College or
Adult Teams
Spring: Feb 5-May 3
High School or
College Teams
Summer: June 10-July 26
For more information, please contact robin.g@ftnro.org.
Please include the name of your church or organization, age range of the group, approximate group size, and available dates if known.