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English & Literacy

From ABC to GED, refugees have many language, literacy, and educational needs. Some refugees are looking to become just proficient enough in English to perform entry-level jobs or speak English with their children, while others would like to practice the profession they learned in their home country. Our English and literacy classes are offered at many proficiency levels, and we also offer a GED preparation course to help refugees pass the GED test and get their high school equivalent. Our classes are taught by a committed team of teachers and are meeting a widespread need among refugees. We have classes meeting every weekday, in the morning and afternoon, during the fall and spring semesters. We also offer childcare and preschool to our students’ children in order to better serve the entire family.


After 5 years in the USA, refugees are eligible to become citizens. While they are already legal, permanent residents in the US, many refugees want a place to call home after a lifetime of transition and uncertainty. We help teach US history and civics and help refugees learn to love and identify with their new country.