We offer various classes and programs to help our refugee neighbors begin and continue down the long path of adapting to life in the United States. Most of our classes include a component of Bible education and/or the presentation of the gospel. Learn more about our programs for both adults and children below!

Adult Programs

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English & Literacy  

From ABC to GED, refugees have many language, literacy, and educational needs. Some refugees are looking to become just proficient enough in English to perform entry-level jobs or speak English with their children, while others would like to practice the profession they learned in their home country. Our English and literacy classes have 5 different levels of speaking and reading, with a 6th level of GED preparation to help refugees pass the GED test and get their high school equivalent. Our classes are taught by trained, experienced teachers and are meeting a widespread need among refugees. We have classes meeting every weekday, in the morning and afternoon, during the fall and spring semesters. We also offer childcare and preschool to our students’ children in order to better serve the entire family.


After 5 years in the USA, refugees are eligible to become citizens. While they are already legal, permanent residents in the US, many refugees want a place to call home after a lifetime of transition and uncertainty. We help teach US history and civics and help refugees learn to love and identify with their new country.

Life-Skills Seminars  

We offer weekly life-skills seminars to help our students acculturate to life in the US. These seminars cover a wide variety of topics, from financial literacy and resume development to fire safety and information on diabetes. To see a list of our current seminars, visit our acculturation page. If you would like to help teach an acculturation seminar, contact Sarah Waid.

Children's Programs

During the school year, Kids Clubs are held M-TH from 4-6pm. During the summer, children’s programs are offered M-F from 9am-5pm. 

Kids Clubs

We offer tutoring programs for elementary-aged refugee children, where we help with everything from reading, math, and social studies. We also present the gospel story of redemption at every club meeting. Our Kids Clubs are located on-site at the apartment complexes where many of the refugees families live. The address is not listed for privacy reasons, but please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.


Studies show that early childhood education has a multitude of lifetime benefits. For the Nations runs two classrooms of preschoolers ages 3-4 during the school year in order to prepare our adult students’ children for kindergarten. We teach fine and gross motor skills, social skills, pre-reading and math skills, and of course, the gospel of Christ! We sure do love their cute little faces and sweet hearts.

Reading Program

We hold a summer-long reading program for children, which began in 2013 to help them improve their English and reading skills. We will also use this opportunity to take them on field trips and teach them the gospel. We served about 250 children for 6 weeks in 2016 and worked with 6 mission groups from around the country!

Swim Lessons

Since most refugees do not know how to swim, and while most of them live at apartments with pools, we feel it is important to teach children how to swim for their safety. We teach nearly 100 children swim lessons each summer, and the kids love it!

Newcomer Classes

Many refugee youth come to the US unprepared for the public school system. They have often suffered from a lack of formal education as they have fled from their home countries and are, therefore, at a significant disadvantage academically. We offer a summer-long, intensive English program to help these students get prepared for the school year. We also work on basic concepts of math and social studies.