Rebekah Vickers


My name is Rebekah Vickers. I live in a small town outside of Athens, Georgia. I come from a family with three brothers. I am graduating from a tech school this year with a degree in Accounting. While I do enjoy working in accounting, my heart is really in ministry and serving others to further the kingdom of God. Last year I came across FTN through suggestions from friends and searching for different ministries. I had recently gone on a trip to Romania where I taught and tutored in ESL. I loved it! I not only was able to teach English, but I built relationships and was able to share Christ’s salvation in so many ways. The Lord used this to stir a new passion in my heart for cross-cultured people here in my own country that were seeking to learn. My goal in life is to be the person God is making me no matter where I am or what I am doing. Whether it is serving families and children or teaching English, I am eager to start working in the ministry at For the Nations Refugee Outreach.

During my internship at For The Nations Refugee Outreach, I am excited to experience and learn from working in ministry full time. I especially look forward to working in the ESL classes and building relationships with the refugee families. I also love children and working with them. But most of all I am excited to share the gospel and Christ’s love with these people and see God working in their hearts. I will be learning different parts of the mission by shadowing staff and going to apartment outreaches.