Sarah Turner

Immigration Advisor

Sarah is a native Texan, but she has spent enough time outside of Texas to not be too obnoxious about it. She spent eight years in boring mortgage and real estate jobs before becoming a stay-at-home mom. Sarah joined the staff of For the Nations in October 2018 after a year of volunteering and falling in love with the people she met there. She graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2020 with an MA in Intercultural Studies, and she has worked hard to get For the Nations recognized with the Department of Justice so we can offer legal services related to immigration. 
Sarah is married to Aaron, a high-school science teacher, and they have a son, Sam. The Turner Family also includes a dog named Kate, two cats named Oliver and Harry Potter, and a tree frog named Fred. Sarah loves board games, tacos, Doctor Who, rainy days, history documentaries, and reading any book she can get her hands on.